Ajomn Keasoa
Faction Viper Republic
Gender Male
Current Division High Council
Relationships Sounosh Keasoa (Soul mate)

September (Daughter)

Loadout Magnetic Bolt Caster, Elerium Shotgun
"Good riddance." -Ajomn.

Ajomn Keasoa (Or also known as the King of Fury) is a special ally in RotDN. He was introduced in the Power of Mercy update.


Appearance & Nationality

Ajomn is a bright blue scale colored Viper with a white underside. He wears a completely different set of armor which is made of hybrid materials. His helmet also projects a symbol of the province he comes from. Like all Vipers, Ajomn speaks and understands different languages. His main language is Turkish.

Unlike female Vipers, Ajomn's venom is frigid and can freeze on contact. He also has the ability to control and manipulate ice. An icy aura accompanies his presence.



Spawn a glacier of frigid venom which will freeze targets for 20 seconds.


Spawn a massive icy spike which will impale the selected target and kill them. Can only be used once.

Frost Breath

Blind the target with frigid venom. This lasts for 5 seconds until the ice thaws out.


Immobilizes the target soldier; dealing 2-3 damage initially as well as 2-3 damage every turn till the bind is broken.

Tongue Pull

Targets a single unit and pulls them adjacent to the Viper. Can be used on units even if they are in any form of cover

Ice Shield

Create a shield of ice that will protect anyone from any danger. The shield lasts for 30 seconds until it thaws out.


Ajomn is suited mainly for close quarters, giving him an attack and defend role. Despite being a king, he is mastered at melee combat. Ajomn is very powerful, and should not be trifled with. His modified weapons give him a great advantage over his enemy. He is best used for defense, as he has limited offense.

Multiplayer Survivor Tactics

  • Frostbite doesn't just freeze an enemy in place. It also blocks another enemy's path. Use this very often.
  • Stick with someone others can trust. Ajomn is not meant to hunt alone. Keep close to other survivors that are trustworthy.
  • Bare in mind as boss infected are a serious threat to Ajomn. Keep running and find a safe zone. Engaging boss infected is extremely futile.
  • Berserkers are immune to Frostbite, thus rendering the ability useless. They are however, vulnerable to Icicle and Frost Breath.
  • A way of avoiding a horde is by luring the horde into a false source. Use distractions in the environment, this meaning car traps, fence traps, or light traps.

Multiplayer Infected Tactics

  • Ajomn will attempt to flee if he is overwhelmed. Stalkers are recommended for pursuing him. Evolved Stalkers also do the trick.
  • The Puker's bile attack is useful for a distraction. This will put more pressure on Ajomn when fighting a horde.
  • Wretch Heavies can deal a devastating blow on Ajomn. Although slow, it's weapon deals massive damage. Keep spraying until Ajomn falls.
  • Lesser infected, such as Amalgamates or Tangents are the bane of Vipers - Ajomn himself included. As long as the horde keeps attacking him, he will let his guard down most of the time.
  • There is a way to thaw the ice quicker. Using flamethrowers or heat can decrease the freeze time greatly. Be sure to avoid the Ice Wall as well.



  • Immune to ice and cosmic attacks.
  • Damage increase for Republic and Covenant weapons.
  • Versatile and deadly.
  • Resistant to blunt weapons.
  • Highly durable.


  • Vulnerable to fire attacks.
  • Short tempered.
  • Damage reduction for Human and Promethean weapons.
  • Obsessive with his role.
  • Arrogant.



  • As Ajomn Keasoa, use Frostbite on a Jockey.

Hard fought victory

  • Survive a large Amalgamate horde nearly down to 25 health.


  • Defeat a normal Berserker and an Evolved Berserker in the Arena map.


Stalker's bane

  • Kill a Stalker using Icicle.

Nesting ground

  • Destroy a Swarmer hive using Frostbite.


  • Unlock ten skins for Ajomn Keasoa.


  • Unlock twenty skins for Ajomn Keasoa.


  • Unlock all skins for Ajomn Keasoa.


  • Unlock the legendary Avalanche skin for Ajomn Keasoa.


  • Complete a mission as Ajomn Keasoa on Easy.

Death warrant

  • Complete a mission as Ajomn Keasoa on Normal.

Suicide mission

  • Complete a mission as Ajomn Keasoa on Heroic.

Gift of the Elders

  • Complete a mission as Ajomn Keasoa on Legendary.


  • Complete a mission as Ajomn Keasoa on Normal without dying.


  • Complete a mission as Ajomn Keasoa on Heroic without dying.

Born to fight

  • Complete a mission as Ajomn Keasoa on Legendary without dying.


  • Ajomn is one of four male Vipers in the series.