Type Aggressive
Nicknames Walking Dead, Cyber-Zombie, Brainless Robot
Health 50
Damage 5
First Encounter Siege of New London
the Amalgamate (Referred by most refugees as the Walking Dead or Cyber-Zombie) is one of the common infected in RotDN: Energy Strike. They were announced in the A Light To Shine update and released in the Power of Mercy update. They are the first infected to be encountered.


Mainly considered cannon fodder, Amalgamates are the first sign of an outbreak. They appear disfigured from the infectious X-Zeno pathogen. Most Amalgamates range from young adulthood to middle age. Not only do humans become Amalgamates, but plants, wildlife and other species can be infected as well. They appear with pale skin and milky white eyes.

Most Amalgamates appear in civilian clothing or military officer uniforms. However, they are all soaked in blood. Amalgamates also have bleeding in the eyes, nostrils and mouth.

Codex Entry

Amalgamates are Humans who became exposed to radiation poisoning, and as a result, became infected by the X-Zeno pathogen. Due to their exposure to radiation, they are left horribly disfigured, often turning their skin pale. Once fully infected, an Amalgamate cannot be reasoned with. These mechanical hybrids have lost their being completely. As a result of infection, they have entered a state of constant feral aggression. Amalgamates will attack any uninfected individuals, Human or not, on sight.

Amalgamates are extremely agitated when introduced to high pitch noise frequencies, such as car alarms or pipe bombs. In other words, they are attracted to these noises. Amalgamate hordes will starting pouring down at full force, climbing over any obstacle that blocks their path. Humans are not the only form of Amalgamates. They can come within several shapes, colors, and sizes. The X-Zeno pathogen can infect plants, organic foods, wildlife and aliens alike.

Even though the Amalgamates are seen in civilian outfits or military officer uniforms, some Amalgamates - nicknamed as the 'Uncommon' - can have certain effects depending on their dressing. HAZMAT Amalgamates are resistant to fire, but their oxygen tanks tend to explode. Clown Amalgamates wear extremely loud squeaky shoes, attracting a mini-horde. 'Mudders' as they are nicknamed are covered in mud and will attempt to blind their victims. Construction workers are immune to loud noises such as pipe bombs. However, they are still attracted to car alarms. Riot Amalgamates wear New Mombasa Police Department riot gear, and have shown to be bulletproof.


Amalgamates rely on brute force, using their claws to attack anything that comes in range of them. Amalgamates have a low health percentage, making killing a bit easier. However, a horde of Amalgamates will start pouring down at full force, climbing over obstacles that block their way.

Amalgamates are also highly agitated when introduced to high pitch frequencies, such as car alarms or pipe bombs. This will enrage an Amalgamate horde, making them much larger of a threat. Not only are civilians in the horde, but there are uncommon variations of the Amalgamate as well, namely ones wearing HAZMAT suits (Immune to fire) and riot gear (Bulletproof.)

Multiplayer Survivor Tactics

  • Amalgamates are easy to deal with. However, they are also a threat in large groups. Use suppressive force if possible.
  • Puker Bile Bombs can be use to redirect the horde for a short time. It can also be used to get the horde to fight each other. This is a great way of outrunning most of the infected.
  • Stay away from cars that have blinking orange lights. Those are the ones that have alarms.
  • Pipe bombs can draw the horde away from the survivors for a short time. Until it detonates, the best solution is keep going and avoid the charging infected.
  • Jockeys can be a serious threat when a horde is around. Minimalize the Amalgamates first before taking out the lackeys.

Multiplayer Infected Tactics

  • Amalgamates are not playable, but they certainly make great for distractions. Shooting cars to set off the alarm is a great way of slowing down the survivors, that way the coordinated infected can catch up.
  • Riot Amalgamates can certainly devastate stronger survivors if caught unaware. Most of the time a survivor will be pinned to a corner. This is a great way of slowing progress for the survivors.
  • The Berserker can greatly demolish survivors as the Amalgamates distract them. It also makes it a perfect opportunity to take out half of the survivors.
  • Most special infected are useful for hiding in the crowd while survivors are occupied with the horde. Stalkers and Pukers are one example.
  • The Uncommon Amalgamates make an effective distraction as they are more harder to deal with. Use them to any advantage.



  • Easily traps survivors.
  • Perfect for distractions.
  • Always Encountered.


  • Vulnerable to electricity.
  • Can be killed easily, regardless of difficulty.
  • Highly weak.


  • The Amalgamates are a reference to the Common Infected from Left 4 Dead.



The Uncommon HAZMAT Amalgamate


The Uncommon Riot Amalgamate