anthropomorphic syndrome is a disease in the RotDN series, that only affects anthropomorphics.

symptoms (first stage)


the host suffers from headaches.

increase of rapid eye movement.

during their sleep, there is increased rapid eye movement (or REM).

upset stomach

anthropomorphics with anthropomorphic syndrome will develop symptoms of an upset stomach, causing stomach growling, gassing and vomiting.

symptoms (second stage)

stomach swelling

hosts with this disease have a swollen stomach in the second phase, which the symptoms of the upset stomach become much worse.

memory loss

this symptom will remove short term memories and cause confusion.

cardiac arrest

if left untreated, the host will die from cardiac arrest.


  • anthropomorphic syndrome is very rare, as it is non-contagious.
    • during season 1 episode 8: undyne's christmas carol, krystal was diagnosed with anthropomorphic syndrome after she showed signs of the first 3 symptoms.
  • anthropomorphic syndrome is untested on humans or aliens.
  • this syndrome can also cause the host's stomach to burst in most cases if they are left untreated for too long.