Faction Se'Tovak Federation
Gender Female
Current Division Science Team
Relationships Meán Fómhair (Sister)
Loadout Bolt Caster, Elerium Pistol
"Dummkopf!" (Fool!) -Arcadia insulting her enemy.

Arkadien (Translated in German as Arcadia, identified as K'tosh Se'Tovak) is a special ally in RotDN: Energy Strike, and the third protagonist in RotDN: The Valorian Conflict. She was introduced in the Power of Mercy update.


Appearance & Nationality

Arkadien is a Viper of the Neonate subspecies. She has blue and red scales. Her armor is constructed with hybrid materials. Instead of red lights on her armor, she has yellow lights. She also appears to be highly intelligent. Like all Vipers, Arkadien speaks and understands different languages. Her main language is German.


One of the German Neonate scientists from the province of Se'Tovak, K'tosh uses the Andromeda class Telekinetic Psi module. She is often enthusiastic and excited, and more often making jokes or puns. Despite her silly behavior, she is quite intelligent when it comes to development in science. She doesn't fight very often, usually hiding in extremely dangerous situations. She only uses her Psi module and weapons if absolutely necessary. She doesn't like being forced to do so.

Arkadien is experienced with weapon development in the science lab. She invented a few prototypes during the Valorian Conflict, and proved to be successful in stopping the Valorian Regime. However, as of 2552, her prototype weapons were decommissioned and confiscated due to recent accidents to the prototypes, resulting in the user of the weapons 'Burning alive'.

Unlike all Vipers, Arkadien appears to have a bizarre condition like Humans, namely Autism, which explains her massive intelligence. However, she still needs to figure out how to fix the prototypes before her research, and the Se'Tovak science team gets shut down for good.



Lift up objects into the air. Objects can also be thrown quite far.

Wind Blast

Push enemies away from a great distance. Inflicts damage upon impact.

Psi Burst

Releases a burst of Psi energy which will stun targets for a long time. Does not work on boss infected.


Immobilizes the target soldier; dealing 2-3 damage initially as well as 2-3 damage every turn till the bind is broken.

Tongue Pull

Targets a single unit and pulls them adjacent to the Viper. Can be used on units even if they are in any form of cover.

Poison Spit

Afflicts a target with AOE poison damage at a distance.


Arkadien exerts her speed to counter enemy tactics. Compared to other Vipers, she learns much faster than normal. Arkadien's role is attack and defend. Her modified weapons can deal grave damage to the infected. Arkadien can also be useful when countering enemy defenses, such as cameras or turrets. However, her armor does not protect her from extreme danger.

Multiplayer Survivor Tactics

  • Arkadien is not skilled at fighting alone. Provide as much covering fire as possible. She may be able to attack and defend, but she lacks a supportive role.
  • Arkadien is not meant for close assault. She is meant to attack from a distance. Seek sniper nests or towers to gain an advantage over most of the infected.
  • The Bolt Caster is really effective against armored infected. Heavy Wretches being an example.
  • As Arkadien is the sister of Meán Fómhair, they are both exceptionally powerful. However, both are also compromised to boss infected.
  • Use the Elerium Pistol sparingly. It is not meant to attack enemies from far away, due to it's poor accuracy.

Multiplayer Infected Tactics

  • Arkadien is vulnerable to surprise attacks, even by boss infected. Destroying sniper nests or towers can allow infected players the advantage of limiting Arkadien's hiding spots.
  • Due to her telekinetic abilities, Arkadien can quickly dispatch weaker infected. Special infected on this occasion can resist such attacks.
    • Always stick to cover. This will make Arkadien's shots less of a problem.
  • Arkadien's speed can greatly outrun a Berserker. Use other methods besides chasing her. Throwing a rock or a car is a better suited choice.
  • Arkadien will attempt to flee if her sniper nest or tower is compromised. Use a Stalker if possible.
  • Sometimes, Arkadien will bait some of the infected into one of Chimera's traps. Stay clear of the puddles and find another way around.



  • Massive amount of intelligence and agility.
  • Damage increase for sniper rifles.
  • Can create prototype weapons.
  • Bonded to Meán Fómhair, meaning damage is increased when in close proximity.
  • Jokes increase charisma.
  • Immune to ice attacks.


  • Vulnerable to counter-sniping and radiation.
  • Easily panicked, decreasing accuracy for a short time.
  • Highly low endurance and strength.
  • Weakened by cosmic and shadow attacks.
  • Puker bile blinding time increased greatly.
  • Cowardly.


German scientist

  • Successfully recruit Arkadien

Tank's fright

  • Kill a Berserker using Psi Burst.

Gunship obliterator

  • Destroy a Bloodhound gunship using Wind Blast.

No need to run

  • As Arkadien, kill an Evolved Shepherd who is fleeing.


  • Unlock ten skins for Arkadien


  • Unlock twenty skins for Arkadien


  • Unlock all skins for Arkadien


  • Unlock the legendary Über skin for Arkadien.


  • Complete a mission as Arkadien on Easy.


  • Complete a mission as Arkadien on Normal.


  • Complete a mission as Arkadien on Heroic.


  • Complete a mission as Arkadien on Legendary.


  • Complete a mission as Arkadien on Normal without dying.


  • Complete a mission as Arkadien on Heroic without dying.


  • Complete a mission as Arkadien on Legendary without dying.


  • Arkadien was born in May 22nd, 2398.
  • Arkadien is also a historian, and often keeps a lot of books and journals. However, these books and journals are written in German, making reading very difficult for people who do not understand the language.