Image Coming Soon
Type Support
Nicknames Unknown
Health 5
Damage Instant Kill
First Encounter Season 2 Episode 14: Reanimated Corpse Outbreak.
"aim for the large boiling purple ball on it's back!" -UNSC ODST.

the bomber is a special enemy in the rise of the dark nemesis series.


bombers are former anthropomorphics that were infected by X-zeno. their back is carrying possibly an acid/poison bomb. once thrown, the bomb explodes purple boiling liquid burning organisms/materials.


bombers can commit suicide if latched on to a person or defence mechanism, once this happens the large purple boiling bomb will begin swelling, after 10 seconds the bomb will burst with great force.

if the bomb is shot by a sidearm or rifle, the purple boiling bomb bursts immediately. however, it also happens upon death of a bomber. bombers also throw bombs to defences or UNSC personnel. a direct hit from the bomb will result in an instant kill or a serious injury, all UNSC forces are advised to keep away from the bomber's distance as it results in injury or death, if snipers encounter a bomber, then they use sniper rifles to prevent it from breaching UNSC bases, outposts, fortresses and other structures.

as so far attempts to contain a bomber have been proved unsuccessful and resulted in 30 deaths. all UNSC personnel are not allowed to capture or contain bombers to containment areas. due to the "suiciding" behavior of the bomber, all personnel are to not approach the bomber from now on.


  • the first encounter was on season 2 episode 14. aka: reanimated corpse outbreak.
  • the bomb is the size of a large beehive, twice as large.
  • the bomber destroyed several homes in the village, the reports were received by the office of naval intelligence.
  • during the deaths of 30 personnel attempting to capture a bomber, the members of HIGH COMMAND forbidden them to capture bombers from now on.