Faction Viper Republic
Gender Female
Current Division Special Operations
Relationships Meán Fómhair (Bonded)

Arkadien (Friend)

Loadout Bolt Caster, Elerium Burst Rifle
"The Elders will guide me." -Chimera.

Chimera (Identified as Q'tov Krha'Sog) is a special ally in RotDN: Energy Strike and RotDN: The Valorian Conflict. She was introduced in the Starbound expansion for the Power of Mercy update.


Appearance & Nationality

Chimera is a white scale colored Viper, with pink eyes and cyan traces and fingernails. Her cobra hood appears to have two fish-like fins, as well as an additional third on her head. It is revealed she has been spliced with Hylotl DNA. Like all Vipers, Chimera speaks and understands different languages. Her main language is Chinese.

Chimera is categorized as a Hurricane class Aquakinetic, and has the unique ability to control and manipulate water. An aquatic aura accompanies her presence.



Spawn an aquatic rift that will mesmerize and immobilize the target for a short time.


Spawn a small waterspout to pick off tougher enemies. Destroys cover.


Spawn a whirlpool which will stun enemies and confuse them.

Aquatic Camouflage

Transform into a body of water and hide into a puddle.

Water Blast

Throw a ball of water which will deal damage. Mechanical enemies will be instantly killed.


Create a fake doppelganger using water. Enemies will target the decoy and attack it.


Create an elemental burst which will knock out targets for a long amount of time. If the target is weaker, they will be instantly killed.


Immobilizes the target soldier; dealing 2-3 damage initially as well as 2-3 damage every turn till the bind is broken.

Tongue Pull

Targets a single unit and pulls them adjacent to the Viper. Can be used on units even if they are in any form of cover.

Water Puddle

Afflicts a target with AOE water damage at a distance.


Form an elemental barrier which increases damage resistance. Tongue Pull is disabled while this ability is active. Supercell only lasts temporarily.


Chimera has exceptional firepower, and can bring devastating effects on her enemies. Her abilities can easily knock down boss infected, making her a perfect ally for survivors. Thanks to her DNA splicing, she is able to resist most elements. She is best used for defense and support. Chimera is also specialized for hit-and-run tactics.

Multiplayer Survivor Tactics

  • As Chimera is mainly used for defense and support, she can easily defend most control points. The best way of doing this, is by helping her defend the objective.
  • Meán Fómhair and Chimera are a bonded pair, meaning they have an extremely close relationship. Both of them can deal massive damage to the infected.
  • Doppelganger and Waterspout are perfect abilities for certain combos. The player can use different combinations of the two abilities. Either using Doppelganger first and then use Waterspout, or vise versa.
    • Players can also combine different abilities for each of the two.
  • Boss infected are less of a threat to Chimera if her Supercell ability is active. Players can use this to their advantage if they are low on health.
  • A swarm of infected are much of a problem for Chimera, as she is not meant for offense. Players must protect her the best they can.

Multiplayer Infected Tactics

  • Chimera is a serious threat to all infected. Use coordinated attacks to take her out quickly.
  • Use any explosive weapon or other sort of high-powered weapon to dispatch Chimera quickly. However, note that she will use Supercell to protect herself temporarily.
  • Using boss infected is extremely dangerous if facing Chimera, as she can dispatch boss infected very quickly. Use either a special infected or a powerful common infected.
  • Keep an eye out for movement in water or puddles. That is a warning sign of Chimera's presence. Keep an eye out for her aura as well.
    • It is also best to keep an eye out for any of her Water Puddle traps.
  • Using a Puker is not a good idea to use against Chimera. Due to her wet scales, the bile will easily slip off of her.



  • Immune to drowning.
  • Resistant to water and fire attacks.
  • Self-regenerative.
  • Damage increase for long-range scoped weapons.
  • Puker bile blinding time reduced greatly.
  • Charismatic.


  • Suffers from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.)
  • Heavily emotional
  • Vulnerable to ice and radiation.
  • Low endurance.
  • Insubordinate.



  • Successfully recruit Chimera.


  • As Chimera, bind a Shepherd while underwater.


  • As Chimera, use the Bolt Caster and land a headshot on a Berserker.

The great wall

  • Use Tsunami to destroy a heavily guarded Imperial fortress.


  • Unlock ten skins for Chimera


  • Unlock twenty skins for Chimera


  • Unlock all skins for Chimera


  • Unlock the legendary Hydra skin for Chimera.


  • Complete a mission as Chimera on Easy.


  • Complete a mission as Chimera on Normal.


  • Complete a mission as Chimera on Heroic.


  • Complete a mission as Chimera on Legendary.


  • Complete a mission as Chimera on Normal without dying.


  • Complete a mission as Chimera on Heroic without dying.


  • Complete a mission as Chimera on Legendary without dying.


  • Originally, Chimera had faded green scales and bright green eyes, along with sage lipstick. This concept was scraped due to complications.
  • In Greek myth, Chimera was a fire-breathing female entity, with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail.