Image Coming Soon
Type Passive But Hostile
Nicknames Unknown
Health 2500
Damage Instant Kill
First Encounter Season 1 Episode 19: The Flood
"clickers are pretty much an instant kill, they click when they are nearby." -RotDN wiki founder.

the clicker is a special enemy in the rise of the dark nemesis series, and a new installment of the fatality update.


clickers are infected kig-yar, with elongated snouts, jaws, and claws. clickers seem more passive than other imperials. however, the clicker as their name suggests make "clicking" noises to alert other imperials. when threatened, clickers will bite the victim's brain, causing a fatality.


all UNSC personnel are to evade contact with clickers as much as possible. clickers are considered aggressive when they are threatened. although passive, they are defensive and territorial. their clicking also is supportive for imperials to alert others. clickers are mainly used as alarms for the dark energy empire.

further investigation reveals that clickers were also named "grudges" in the game files, and were going to be installed in the zootopia update, but was cut from the update after realizing that clickers were "too overpowered". later they were installed in the fatality update, which is why they have an instant kill in the first place.


  • clickers are a reference to the zombies of the same from the last of us.
  • despite being passive, they are offensive as well, due to it's fatal attack when threatened.
  • they were encountered in season 1 episode 19. aka: the flood.