Cole MacGrath
Avatar cole macgrath 1
Faction UNSC
Gender Male
Current Division Marine Corps.
Relationships Undyne (Enemy) Others (Neutral)
Loadout SMG, Pistol, AMP
"cyber-demon? no problem. just have to make a few checkups." -cole macgrath.

cole macgrath is an ally in the RotDN series. he was added in the inFAMOUS update.


cole macgrath is a white american male, wearing jeans and a bright white T-shirt. he carries a backpack containing some useful items. further observation revealed that the man himself was able to control high concentrations of electricity (similar to the light guardian). macgrath describes himself as a "conduit", an individual who's power was inhuman. according to witnesses, the lightning color is blue.


cole appears in-game as a playable character. to play as him, the player must select "switch squad member" in the pause menu or press the switch button in-game. cole is also playable in story mode.


cole can be unlocked in multiplayer. to unlock him, the player must defeat 5 templars without taking damage.


"you clowns want more?" -cole proxy.
Avatar cole macgrath evil 1

cole's proxy doppelganger

with the result of the proxy, the imperials decided to use an "evil" cole to their advantage. his lightning is now red, and the shirt is in the point to where it's worn out (as seen in the picture to the right). his skin is now grey and hair is now red. cole's proxy is incredibly dangerous. this proxy is set on chaos and destruction, and gives no mercy to those who dare to stand in it's path. the real cole described that the proxy was known as "the beast".


lightning blast

cole uses a lightning blast as his main ability. there is a chance that imperial targets would be stunned by an EMP and reactivate for a good 3 seconds.

magnet fly

cole uses electromagnetic energy to propel or slowly fall to the ground.

shock slam

best used in high places, the shock slam allows cole to create a blast of lightning on his targets, causing major damage to any hostile nearby.

power flux

if cole absorbs enough electricity, he will enter in the power flux ability. any hostile target within range will be instantly killed.

ionic tornado

one of the most powerful of all abilities is the ionic tornado. this ability allows him to throw objects around enemy targets and will pick them up if they get too close.


  • cole is the main protagonist from the inFAMOUS series, hence the name of the update.
  • cole is often persuasive, and is generally kind. however, he doesn't take kindly to undyne.
  • the quote (as seen in the proxification) "you clowns want more?" is a reference to playstation all-stars battle royale.