Dark Energy Imperials

a group of dark energy imperials on tuchanka.

"we are one with the machine. together as unison." -imperial motto.

the dark energy empire is the main enemy faction in the rise of the dark nemesis series.

Dark Energy Empire Info
Goal To stay alive and take advantage of the energy war and civil wars within humanity. To possibly, one day, become the new rulers of the planet.
Weapons Bolt Rifle, Prism Rifle, Nova, Ion Cannon, Rail Cannon, Galaxy Imploder, Shadow Thrower, Pulse Imploder, Disintegrator, Electron Accelerator, Energy Grenade, Energy Mine.


formed by the necris, the dark energy empire waged a campaign against all organic life. their goals are to assimilate organic life by biotechnological conversion with X-zeno. They don't take kindly to those who try to stop them. they use technetium and dark energy to power their technology and construct their ships, weapons, vehicles and armor.



seats: 1 driver, 1 passenger, 1 turret, 2 gunner.


seats: 4 passenger, 1 turret, 5 gunner. 1 driver.


seats: 1 driver. 1 gunner.


seats: 1 passenger, 1 driver, 1 gunner.


seats: 1 pilot, 1 co-pilot, 8 passenger, 1 gunner.

dire wolf

seats: 1 pilot. 1 co-pilot. 1 gunner.

black knight

seats: 1. pilot. 2 passenger. 3 gunner.


seats: 1 pilot. 5 passenger. 2 turret. 3 gunner.


seats: 1 pilot. 1 co-pilot. 1 gunner.


seats: 50 passenger. 10 gunner. 2 pilot. 1 commander. 10 cargo. 10 engineering.


seats: 100 passenger. 20 gunner. 2 pilot. 1 commander. 20 cargo. 20 engineering.


  • the first encounter was on season 1 episode 5. aka: invasion of new alexandra.
  • the dark energy empire could have been a replacement to the covenant empire, which also turned against them.
  • during their first encounter, UNSC marine squads had major losses, resulting in 50 to 90 marines killed in the incident.
  • in the first 4 episodes the dark energy empire appeared briefly. and the only enemy would be the local insurrection.


Imperial Black Knight Concept Art

concept art of the imperial black knight

Dark Energy Empire Logo