"if i were you, i'd keep a safe distance." -daniel samuels.

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Type Assault
Nicknames Unknown
Health 300
Damage 35
First Encounter Season 1 Episode 19: The Flood.
the gladiator is a special enemy in the rise of the dark nemesis series.


gladiators are wretches with an extra set of arms, wearing heavy armor, and incredibly strong. technically, they can duel wield large dark energy swords.


as gladiators wear heavy armor, killing them would be impossible. however, they can be shot in the back, similar to the rake. UNSC forces can only kill gladiators if absolutely necessary, as they tend to have aggression. due to being able to duel wield swords, UNSC officially targets the gladiators first. unlike the general, the gladiator is a natural leader for the dark energy empire.

on death, they will convert into blood pools and vaporize, simply to evade capture. how this occurs is unknown.


  • they were encountered in season 1 episode 19. aka: the flood.
  • the goliath often deploys gladiators with its pods.
  • during the assault on halo installation 03, the gladiators were the first to be encountered. one of them injured simon jarrett and judy hopps, and another one severely wounded undyne.