Image Coming Soon
Type Extremely Aggressive
Nicknames Unknown
Health 5000
Damage 75
First Encounter Season 1 Episode 20:

The Flood Part 2

"your existence will parish." -acolyte prior to transforming into the harbinger.

the harbinger is a boss in the rise of the dark nemesis series, and a new installment of the warzone update.


harbingers are much more stronger than the acolytes. however, their lifespan only lasts for 2 minutes, due to nuclear reaction caused by dark energy growths. should the growths become too large for the harbinger to support, it will cause a nuclear reaction, followed by a massive explosion. if the harbinger dies, it's dark energy growths will erupt from inside the harbinger's body.


should a acolyte transform into a harbinger, standing orders are to kill the harbinger first. should this tactic fail, all UNSC personnel are to retreat away from the battlezone as soon as possible, as harbingers don't have a longer lifespan, mainly due to dark energetic reactions causing the harbinger to explode.


  • harbingers and acolytes are rare but mostly common in strike teams.
  • undyne dislikes acolytes, mainly because she claims them to be "weak and stubborn".
    • the harbinger transformation also supports this fact.
  • the acolyte and harbinger can be a much bigger threat around the proxies.