Headcrab Standard
Standard Headcrab.
Type Parasitic
Nicknames Unknown
Health 25
Damage 5
First Encounter Season 2 Episode 25: Breached
"i never seen such a thing like that before." -daniel samuels.

the headcrab is a hostile alien in the rise of the dark nemesis series.


headcrabs are small parasitic creatures with a small mouth the size of a human head. they have small fangs near the lips. the headcrab has 4 legs, having claws to latch on it's host. headcrabs have 6 eyes, though they can not be seen.

fast headcrabs are more different, they are much faster than the standard one. the jump height is also increased.

the poison headcrab is much more deadly than the others. when bitten by the poison headcrab, it will poison it's host.

when infected by the X-zeno virus, headcrabs are red instead of tan or black. the poison headcrabs also contain the X-zeno virus instead of the poison it carries.


headcrabs will try to find a host it can reside. headcrabs can jump to it's host and bite them. surprisingly, headcrabs are incredibly weak, as with the fact they don't have armor. when they find a host suitable, they will latch on to the host's head, if it is the correct size.


main article: zombie.

when the host has progressed the stages of mutation from the headcrab, the host's nervous system is completely controlled. till then, the headcrab "zombie" will kill anything and everything (excluding other headcrabs and other zombies).


  • the headcrabs are from the half-life series.
  • they are encountered in season 2 episode 25, aka: breached.
  • unlike the other headcrabs, the X-zeno virus infected headcrab will infect the host with the X-zeno virus, but will try to control the host as well, causing conflicts on the host.