Jack Joyce
Jack Joyce Profile-01
Faction UNSC
Gender Male
Current Division Air Force
Relationships Undyne (Enemy)

Others (Neutral)

Loadout DMR, SMG
"time was your ally, joyce. but now, it has became your enemy." -ne'shal to'lath.

jack joyce is an ally in the RotDN series. we has added in the quantum update.


jack appears as a white male of american decent (similar to cole macgrath), brown hair color, blue eyes and wears a leather jacket, jeans, a bright blue button-up shirt and some sneakers. much like krystal, jack is capable of time manipulation using "chronon" particles (or meyer-joyce particles hence his last name). the empire associate jack as an "activist against imperial law". for instance the empire's forces claim that joyce was convicted of criminal activity, such as intrusion, invasion and the deaths of other imperial troops. but this is not the case.

after he heard of the so called "shadow walker" joyce was enlisted in the air force as a broadsword fighter. despite being able to fight in the air he is capable of fighting on foot.


joyce is playable in-game. to play as him, the player must pause the game and select "switch squad member" or press the switch button in-game. joyce is playable in story mode.


joyce is unlockable in multiplayer. to unlock him, the player must defeat the krystal proxy only using the time manipulation abilities in story mode.


joyce claims that the proxy of himself was identified as "paul serene", a friend he knew before the energy strike wars took place or his brother, identified as "will joyce". it is possible that paul and will were infected by the X-zeno infection. however, there were no signs of this so called "friend" or "brother". it is believed that the empire had already executed them.


time vision

time vision is self-explanatory. it allows joyce to see enemies through walls.

time stop

this allows jack to create a time bubble, freezing any object in place. once projectiles hit the dome, the bullets or rocket will head off at an incredible speed.

time dodge

allows joyce to dash to cover or take down a hostile target. does not work on larger targets. (i.e, the berserker, gladiator, etc.)

time shield

joyce creates a shield to protect allies or himself. this also regenerates his health, but this is only temporary as the barrier will dissipate.

time blast

time blast is self-explanatory. it will create an explosive time bubble with an area of effect. this will also cause enemies in the blast zone to glitch from the stuttering bubble.

time rush

this slows down time, allowing joyce to quickly dodge incoming hostile targets. this only lasts for 8 seconds before returning to normal speed.


  • joyce is the main protagonist from quantum break, an Xbox one exclusive game.
  • joyce was formally the night sentinel of perception, and his night sentinel spirit has now been transferred to tessa.
  • an achievement named "time is power" is a reference to quantum break's E3 trailer.