Jees'cara Ty'Shok
Jees'cara's appearance.
Faction Viper Republic
Gender Female
Current Division Infiltration & Undercover
Relationships Meán Fómhair (Mother)

Others (Neutral)

Loadout Elerium Burst Rifle, Elerium Pistol
"I pray to the Elders that I will live throughout this civil war. And I will not rest until the Republic has won." -Jees'cara.

Jees'cara Ty'Shok is an ally in RotDN: Energy Strike and in RotDN: The Valorian Conflict. She was introduced in the Starbound expansion of the Power of Mercy update.


Appearance & Nationality

Jees'cara is one of the Vipers in the Naja subspecies. She is identified in orange colored scales with grey eyes and tan underside. She also wears a Viper Infiltrator's suit with yellow lights. She also has a yellow line running down her back and tail, and also has slightly smaller venom glands. Like all Vipers, Jees'cara speaks and understands different languages. Her main language is Irish.


Jees'cara Ty'Shok is a tank-bred Naja Viper who is somewhat bonded to Meán Fómhair. She is also strangely treated by Meán Fómhair as if Jees'cara was her daughter. Despite being only recently hatched, she appears to be between the ages of two hundred and fifty to three hundred years old, considered a young adult for her age.

Jees'cara specializes in infiltration tactics as well as hacking into terminals, especially ones that are super advanced or using precursor technology. Her weapons are armed with silencers for stealth purposes. Her role as infiltrator can surprise a lot of hostiles. Most of the time, she gets away with hacked data unnoticed.



Immobilizes the target soldier; dealing 2-3 damage initially as well as 2-3 damage every turn till the bind is broken.

Tongue Pull

Targets a single unit and pulls them adjacent to the Viper. Can be used on units even if they are in any form of cover.

Poison Spit

Afflicts a target with AOE poison damage at a distance.


As Jees'cara is an infiltrator, her hacks can devastate enemy factions, leaving them almost defenseless. With her silenced weapons, she is also perfect for stealth operations. Her hacking tool can also rewrite protocols on any infected temporarily. The same applies to mechanical ADVENT units, such as a MEC or Surveillance Drone.

Multiplayer Survivor Tactics

  • Jees'cara's infiltration role can be useful for obtaining information on enemy tactics and data. This will also increase intel points. Use this if possible.
  • Her hacking skills can also rewrite a boss infected's protocol. This can be useful when dealing with other threats. It is best to use this often.
  • Jees'cara isn't suitable for combat situations. It's best to avoid combat if possible, as sometimes Jees'cara is forced into combat.
  • A horde of Amalgamates can bring her down easily. If playing as another survivor, it is vital to protect Jees'cara at all times. Even when she is not hacking.
  • Jees'cara's venom is less powerful than the others. It is only to be used as a last resort.

Multiplayer Infected Tactics

  • Jees'cara can be easily overwhelmed by a large group of infected. However, lesser infected are much more likely to becoming her prey. Use a stronger infected if possible.
    • Coordinated infected can also overwhelm her.
  • The Stalker is useful when hunting down for Jees'cara. Be sure to stay out of sight when hunting her.
  • Jockey packs can easily bring down Jees'cara once they get the chance. It is vital to assist the Jockeys to take her down.
  • Jees'cara will use Viper Poison as a last resort in combat. She will also retreat after using it. Find an alternate route to hunt her down.



  • Immune to poison.
  • Hacking chances increased to 50%.
  • Executions give additional points.
  • Resistant to Psionic attacks.
  • Highly mobile.


  • Vulnerable to traps.
  • Bile blinding time slightly increased.
  • Decreased damage for short-ranged weapons.
  • Easily panicked.
  • Failed hacks will decrease chances of successful hacks greatly.


  • Jees'cara's original role was to be a ship navigator. However, this was cut during the 95% release of the update.