Krystal Assault Screen 1
Faction UNSC
Gender Female
Current Division Spartan V
Relationships Daniel Samuels (Boyfriend)

Tessa (Enemy)

Loadout SMG, Battle Rifle

"who are you? and where do you come from?" -krystal, season 1 episode 7.

"ma'am we mean no harm to you." -daniel samuels.

krystal (or the night sentinel of luck) is an ally in the rise of the dark nemesis series, and the second protagonist in rise of the dark nemesis: blueshift.


krystal is a blue fox with bands of an unknown material on her tail, possibly gold or steel. she has a staff for self defence in case of attack from enemies, such as dark energy empire units, shock troops, fire teams, spec-ops, etc. it is unknown where this staff was from or how it was built.

unlike the others, krystal is also a telepath. meaning she can detect distress signals from other planets, read the thought patterns of dark energy imperials, and scan her enemy and it's weakness. usually, she can kill a rake in seconds.

as of season 1 episode 16, aka: dark oblivion, krystal experienced the chronon effect. meaning she can pause time, freeze other areas, etc.

RotDN 2 appearance

krystal makes a reappearance in rise of the dark nemesis 2. however, her spartan suit is scratched and damaged, and her telepathic abilities are more advanced. her under armor however, seems to be intact.

RotDN 3 appearance

krystal's appearance is similar to rise of the dark nemesis 2. however, her under armor is scratched and damaged, and has a scar on her left eye. the tail bands are rusted as well.

RotDN 4 appearance

krystal's appearance in rise of the dark nemesis 4 is similar to simon jarrett. although she doesn't have the cybernetic hood like simon does, her left eye is completely missing and replaced with a cyber eye patch attached to it. her scar is barely seen as well. her armor is also repaired and cleaned.


when krystal joined the united nations space command, she had only 3 options.

  1. marine corps.
  2. air force.
  3. naval personnel.

she went to naval personnel and she made the right choice. later after successful training, she joined the spartan program after ranking up to a certain rank.


krystal's rank in the naval personnel was petty officer. however, after ranking up to master chief petty officer, she joined the spartan program. after training in the spartan academy, she was promoted to general. cali is responsible for her promotion.


time stutter

krystal's chronon effect can pause and slow down time. this is indefinite and does not consume krystal's energy. she can move normally, attack normally and swim normally. to others, she is an orbiting light. to her, she leaves behind a trail of small platinum fragments and orange light. her vision is blue corners and white mist while in time stop.

time freeze

krystal's chronon effect can freeze other areas in a circular dome. if bullets hit the dome, it will cause a massive explosion. the more bullets that hit the dome, the bigger the explosion is.

time shield

krystal's chronon effect can create shields for protection for allies or herself. this lasts indefinitely unless it has taken too much damage.

time hover

krystal's chronon effect can make objects or enemies hover in midair. krystal and her allies are immune to hover.

time teleportation

krystal's chronon effect can teleport her to other areas. usually, she can teleport to a safe area, and return to the battlefield, or teleport her enemy to one of the domes.

cortex scan

as krystal is a telepath, she uses cortex scan to read thought patterns of UNSC personnel, civilians, and imperial soldiers.


krystal's telepathic abilities can detect distress signals from other planets or cities. she uses this quite often.


main article: proxy.

this proxy appears in the third teaser for rise of the dark nemesis 3. the text on the bottom says:

"was it me?"

the text could mean that the krystal proxy was responsible for a crime scene (possibly murder). the krystal proxy's role in rise of the dark nemesis 3 is to prevent UNSC personnel detecting distress signals and collecting resources before the UNSC are able to collect them.


krystal is a playable squad member in the game. to play as her, the player must open the pause menu and select "switch squad member" or press the switch button in-game. krystal can be recruited on voliva in chapter 2.


krystal is an unlockable character in the game. to unlock her, the player must kill any boss in less than 60 seconds or 1 minute.


  • krystal is also a protagonist in the star fox series.
  • krystal speaks estuary english.
  • she first appeared in season 1 episode 7. aka: crisis on tuchanka.
  • krystal suffers from arachnophobia (the fear of spiders), which explains why she fears ne'shal to'lath in the first place. she also suffers from necrophobia (the fear of corpses, skeletons and living dead), which is the reason why she fears the poltergeist. however, she fears the berserker quite often.
  • krystal and tessa have arguments due to not being the same type of foxes. this causes distraction to the UNSC personnel.
  • krystal (along with tessa and cali) is one of the only characters without a known last name.
  • in season 5 episode 30. aka: the final battle, she was stabbed by a spider leg by ne'shal to'lath. unknown to him, she somehow survived. tessa was trapped by ne'shal to'lath at dark oblivion's core. krystal threw her staff directly to his. she then pulls out a pistol and shoots him in the head 5 times in slow motion. the fifth shot causes him to burst into dark energy crystal fragments.
  • in season 1 episode 8: undyne's christmas carol, she was diagnosed with anthropomorphic syndrome after she showed signs of the first 3 symptoms.
  • in season 1 episode 15. aka: the second spartan part 3, she was kidnapped by a dark energy empire strider mech at the end of the episode.
  • daniel samuels has a close relationship with krystal. sometimes, he takes snapshots of her with his camera, give her gifts (such as flowers), and even takes her to explore other planets.
  • krystal's chronon effect is very similar to the main protagonist jack joyce from quantum break, as they both have the same abilities.
    • as prior to the quantum update, joyce was added to the game.
  • in the good ending, krystal felt she was killing innocent lives transformed into mutants. due to the fact she was killing former humans and aliens that were converted into imperials, she faces the consequences of her actions and has a sad facial expression.
  • before rise of the dark nemesis 3 was released, krystal and the krystal proxy had a different structure in the game. her appearance is similar to star fox: command. however, in v.1.1.0, krystal can have the star fox: command suit costume in rise of the dark nemesis 3 light-tastic edition.
  • in the halloween update for rise of the dark nemesis 3, krystal can have a vampire costume.
  • in one of the rise of the dark nemesis 4 teasers, krystal's chronon effect had a major upgrade.


Kevin MacLeod ~ Controlled Chaos

Kevin MacLeod ~ Controlled Chaos

controlled chaos

this song is krystal's theme. this plays when the player is defending the krogan temple on tuchanka.

Epic Action Michael Riske - Queen of Opposites - Epic Music VN

Epic Action Michael Riske - Queen of Opposites - Epic Music VN

queen of opposites

this song is krystal's theme. this plays in the credits at the end of RotDN 2.


Krystal Codex Screen

krystal as she appears in the codex screen.

Lurker Encounter

krystal engaging a lurker swarm

Krystal Time Power

RotDN 5 concept art of krystal demonstrating her time freeze ability.

Krystal Concept Art

concept art.

Krystal Prism Rifle

krystal with the dark energy imperial prism rifle.

Krystal Ion Cannon

krystal with the dark energy imperial ion cannon.

Krystal Character Selection Screen

krystal in the selection screen.

Krystal Good Ending Screen

krystal in the good ending.

Krystal Blue Shift Intro

krystal in blue shift's intro.

Eve Concept Art

krystal in time stop on urdnot bakara's concept art.

Krystal Staff

krystal with her staff (zoomed in).

Krystal Staff Alt

krystal with her staff (zoomed out).

Krystal Hover Power

krystal using the hovering ability on two imperials.

Krystal Spartan V Mark VII

krystal on venous in her spartan V mark VII commando suit.

Krystal And Daniel

krystal and daniel greeting each other, while two UNSC personnel become jealous.

RotDN Blue Shift Image Cover

krystal along with urdnot bakara and simon jarrett on rise of the dark nemesis: blue shift's image cover.

RotDN 4 The Final Battle Image Cover

krystal with what appears to be ne'shal to'lath on a final standoff. notice the rise of the dark nemesis 4: the final battle text.


the krystal proxy, along with the light guardian, bakara, undyne and judy.