Image Coming Soon
Type Aggressive
Nicknames Unknown
Health Possibly Invulnerable
Damage Instant Kill
First Encounter Season 2 Episode 1: The Return
"the leviathan, is the size of almost every UNSC capital ship. during the siege of new phoenix, arizona in 2579, the UEG confirmed reports of a large giant fish emerging from the shores. the government and military has put an end to this beast, and forced it to return to it's habitat. however, it is still not known if there are more. leviathans travel in large groups along with imperial troops. investigation is still ongoing." -RotDN codex entry of the leviathan.

the leviathan is a type of special infected in the RotDN series, and a new installment of the commando update.


leviathans resemble infected sea life, that were exposed to X-zeno. it is unclear if radiation has leaked into the rivers or the ocean. the leviathan's size has increased to 35% of it's mass, and can range up to 352 meters long, 414 meters in height/depth, and weighs up to 1,268 pounds. this size and weight is powerful enough to crush a submerged halcyon completely.

the leviathan's mouth is large enough to fit a ragnarok-class imperial dreadnought, and crush it completely with rows of teeth. according to scans, it has 256 teeth, and is strong enough to resist titanium.


there are no current methods of containment for this giant beast. the leviathans are mostly common in areas with large amounts of water (for example, pacific or atlantic oceans). because of it's size, the oceans are considered it's natural habitat. engaging a leviathan alone is futile, as none other than UNSC or UEG ships can destroy it. judy hopps has confirmed that the leviathan is not biological in nature, but rather a synthetic fish capable of massive destruction under the sea.


  • in the game's files, the leviathan is named as "demonfish." this file is in .obj format, and suggests that the leviathan was originally a "demon" type of fish.
  • although only encountered once in the series, two more of them appear in the shores of new taiwan, china.
  • so far there are 2,598 deaths in relation to the leviathan. the UEG classified the leviathan as a category 5 aggressive life form.