Faction Night Sentinels
Gender Determined by Player
Current Division High Command
Relationships Unknown
Loadout Assault Rifle, Pistol
"Light Energy flows like the water, healing the sick and wounded. Dark Energy spreads like wildfire, killing anything it touches." -Lightenus.

Lightenus (also known as the Night Sentinel of Charisma) is the main protagonist in RotDN: Energy Strike. They play a major role in the series, acting as the leader of the Night Sentinel order.


Appearance & Nationality

Lightenus appears human in appearance, standing at six feet tall, and is from American assent. Lightenus translated in Sangheili means "Protector of Light". Their armor appears reminiscent to a Spartan. The only difference being that the armor cannot be removed.



One of their primary abilities, Lightenus will use this to engage hostile targets.


This causes the enemy to suffer great damage. Does not work on Poltergeists.


Lightenus can freeze the target for a short amount of time.

Paragon Action

Lightenus can perform Paragon actions, such as persuading others, helping allies, etc.


Lightenus relies on his capabilities to suppress hostiles, and is often persuasive. However, his persuasion does not affect the Imperials in any way. When talking to non-infected hostiles, Lightenus can persuade them to make the uninfected hostile on their side.

Multiplayer Survivor Tactics

  • Electrokinesis can be the best solution when dealing with infected. However, it takes a lot of their energy. It's best to conserve Electrokinesis on stronger enemies, such as the Gladiator.
    • Pyrokinesis consumes less energy, but has a high damage output and longer recharge time.
  • Paragon actions can turn non-infected hostiles to fight against their own allies. This is a great defense strategy.
  • Lightenus has 100 health and shields, and deals standard damage to enemies. The player can upgrade these at anytime if the player has enough crystals to spend on the skill tree.
    • The first recommended upgrades are damage, health, and shields. Other recommended upgrades are energy, defense, and offense.

Multiplayer Infected Tactics

  • When playing as an infected, Lightenus can be a serious threat. If possible when playing as a boss infected, spawn in the open out of sight.
  • Using reconnaissance/support infected is gravely looked down upon when facing Lightenus. Infected such as the Lurker or the Tangent are incapable of dealing with Lightenus.
  • It is best to use defensive, offensive, multipurpose, or aggressive infected with dealing with Lightenus.



  • High overall damage output.
  • Can withstand high-power weapons.
  • Immune to electric, fire and ice attacks.
  • Respected by refugees.
  • Can create substantial firepower.


  • Vulnerable to dark energetic attacks and radiation.
  • Persuasion does not effect Insurrectionists or infected.
  • Can be instantly killed by boss infected.
  • Decreased damage for low-power weapons.
  • Shields can be drained easily.


Hang 'em high!

  • As Lightenus, kill a boss infected using only Electrokinesis, Pyrokinesis, or Cryokinesis.

Like a snake in the grass

  • As Lightenus, freeze a puddle of Viper Poison on an enemy.


  • As Lightenus, use Electrokinesis to dispatch a Poltergeist.

Bolt by bolt

Mjolnir expert

  • Unlock ten skins for Lightenus.

Armor collector

  • Unlock twenty skins for Lightenus.

Well prepared

  • Unlock all skins for Lightenus.


  • Complete a mission on Easy as Lightenus.


  • Complete a mission on Normal as Lightenus.


  • Complete a mission on Heroic as Lightenus.


  • Complete a mission on Legendary as Lightenus.

Well suited Spartan

  • Complete a mission on Normal as Lightenus without dying.

Still got something to prove

  • Complete a mission on Heroic as Lightenus without dying.


  • Complete a mission on Legendary as Lightenus without dying.


  • Lightenus is similar to Hercules. They are also inspired by the thunder god Zeus.
  • It may be possible that the suit is part of their physical figure.


Stellardrone - Airglow

Stellardrone - Airglow

Immediate Music - Battle for the Soul of the Universe ( Trailerhead Triumph )

Immediate Music - Battle for the Soul of the Universe ( Trailerhead Triumph )


Light Guardian Concept Art

Concept art.

RotDN ES Image Cover

Lightenus on RotDN: Energy Strike's image cover.

Light Guardian Assault Rifle

Lightenus with the Assault Rifle.


The Lightenus Proxy with several others.

Light Guardian Codex Screen

Lightenus as he appears in the Codex screen.