Nick Wilde
Nick Wilde Artwork
Faction UNSC
Gender Male
Current Division ODST's
Relationships Judy Hopps (Close Relative)

Cali (Neutral) Undyne (Enemy)

Loadout Battle Rifle, Pistol
"i make 200 bucks a day fluff." -nick during judy's flashbacks.

"no you can't you gotta trust me!" -nick, season 2 episode 4.

nick wilde (also named nicholas wilde as a full name by judy) is an ally in the RotDN series, and a new installment of the zootopia update.


nick appears to be anthropomorphic. however, he is carnivorous apart from biologist judy hopps (although he does not use cannibalism). nick is from many major cities. he is a scamming professional, meaning he can trick imperials to other locations or confuse them, despite their intelligence.

nick wears a tropical shirt with a tie and a set of cargo pants. however, during service in the UNSC (much like judy), he worn a special armor system to protect him from:

  • physical violence
  • radiation
  • dark energy
  • X-zeno.


before the holocaust, nick scammed many civilians, law enforcement, government and military alike. it is unknown why or how he does this. it is confirmed by judy that she too was scammed by nick before the galactic nuclear winter struck. nick clearly is never caught by law enforcement because of his ability to scam others, tricking them into getting them to find him at the wrong location.

later, judy sided with nick in hopes to find out about massive attacks before the holocaust. when the crisis back at their home world was over, they were accidentally transported to the 26th century. however, judy and nick came in different timelines. judy appeared in 2578 (season 1), while nick appeared in 2579 (season 2) at which the proxies held nick hostage.


after nick joined the UNSC, he has at least 4 options:

  1. marines.
  2. medical.
  3. navy.
  4. airforce.

he was interested in the medical team. however, airforce and naval personnel insulted him because of his scamming.


due to a history of scamming before the holocaust, nick never earned any promotions or rank ups. however, judy came to help him as they both have a close relationship. later after promotion, he joined the ODST's.


  • during the imperial uprising in season 2, nick was held hostage
    • nick also calls judy nicknames after they reunite, such as "carrots".
  • he appeared in season 2 episode 3. aka: tactical mission.
  • nick was responsible for the meltdown. undyne even claimed he "stole" the night sentinel soul gems, and that he is a professional scammer, and the meltdown was his professional plan.


Interstellar OST 22 No Time For Caution(Docking scene) by Hans Zimmer

Interstellar OST 22 No Time For Caution(Docking scene) by Hans Zimmer

no time for caution

this is nick's theme. plays when the player absorbs a guardian soul from a guardian soul gem. this also plays in the "trust me" scene in season 2 episode 4. aka: tactical mission part 2.

Inside Soundtrack - 07 - Shockwave

Inside Soundtrack - 07 - Shockwave


this is nick's second theme. this plays when judy unleashes her night sentinel spirit.