"whoa! we better stay clear for those guys!" -UNSC marine.

Poltergeist Concept Art
Type Aggressive
Nicknames Unknown
Health 2000
Damage Instant Kill
First Encounter Season 2 Episode 20: The Ghosts Of Erbus
the poltergeist is a boss in the rise of the dark nemesis series.


poltergeists are mutated wretches with extreme intelligence. they have the ability to float in mid-air, usually moving through walls and the ceiling.


poltergeists are immune to all types of damage. this includes electricity, fire, etc. however, they have a weakness like the rake. there are large purple orbs circling around the poltergeist, if marines fire at the orbs long enough, they will explode and damage to the poltergeist will commence.

poltergeists have the ability to manipulate objects and turn them to armor for wretches or create hybrid versions of the wretches. once this happens, the battle will be more difficult.

after all orbs are destroyed, the poltergeist will still be floating but not increasing or decreasing height and explosions and lightning will occur. after a few seconds the poltergeist will stop exploding, blur the vision and simply vanish without any marks or traces.


  • if the victim is caught off guard or from behind, the poltergeist will lift the victim and crushes his/her arms. after this, the poltergeist will snap the victim's neck.
  • if the victim and poltergeist are facing each other, the poltergeist will use telekinesis to grab the victim. after bringing the victim close enough, the poltergeist crushes the victim's heart.
  • if the victim has tripped or has been found under a table, the poltergeist will grab the victim and twists his/her neck.
  • if the victim is found in a locker, it will rip open the locker with telekinesis, grabs the victim and crushes his/her heart.


  • the sound that plays when the poltergeist is killed is actually the sound known as "alienminddrill.wav" from half-life: renaissance cascade.
  • the poltergeist earned it's name from UNSC marine members during its first encounter.
  • it's first encounter was on season 2 episode 20. aka: the ghosts of erbus.
  • in the developer's blog, the poltergeist is inspired by the horror movie of the same name, the fiend from monstrum, the third boss from cry of fear, the puppet from five nights at freddy's, slender man, as well as certain halloween creatures such as ghosts and reapers.


Monstrum OST 09 The Fiend

Monstrum OST 09 The Fiend

the fiend

this song is the poltergeist's theme. this plays when it spots the player. continues playing until the player escapes.