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ne'shal to'lath is wearing a mask

there were rumors that the shadow walker is wearing a mask, this rumor was found by the series co-developer, after thinking he was actually is wearing a mask to hide his face. the "mask" is not a mask at all. it's just part of his body.

the light guardian is a god of light

this rumor was found by the special effects maker, the rumor was the fact that the light guardian is usually a god of light, this turned out as false and confirmed as a hoax.

ne'shal to'lath is of superior intellect

on season 3 episode 10 aka: fall of tuchanka, he describes himself to be "of superior intellect", this rumor was true as he is intellectually powerful.

wretches are related to necromorphs

this rumor is known the fact that the wretch could be related to the necromorph from the dead space series, both are extremely hostile and kill uninfected humans on sight, this rumor is confirmed true.

urdnot bakara's history

on the mass effect wiki, the history has gained thousands of contributors about bakara's history, it is stated in the urdnot bakara page.

urdnot bakara is keeping her name to herself

this rumor found by the main director, was that urdnot bakara is keeping her real name "classified". classified means top secret priority and only the highest clearance can use it, this rumor is considered true, but when she finally revealed her real name in mass effect 3, it is a false rumor.

tessa is a spy

there were rumors before skylanders swap-force was released, when the main creator of the series played skylanders swap-force, he theorizes tessa is working with kaos the entire time, and on the next skylanders game, the creators may reveal tessa's true fate. the rumor is considered false for now.

sun burst's survival

sun burst survived the warheads that destroyed erbus in 2371. when sun burst exited the caves, the entire planet was crystallized. however, in 2578 erbus is no longer crystallized, this rumor is true.

how did he survive?

it may be possible for sun burst to escape the war after entering the caves, when steam puncher fired the plasma warheads, the entire planet was destroyed, turned to glass and no survivors. sun burst was lucky to survive underground from the warheads.

krystal's immunity

krystal seems to be immune to voliva's toxic air and the harsh winter conditions on venous. it is unknown how she is immune to these hazards. krystal's immunity is currently not yet understood at this time. the co-creator theorized krystal has unknown sources of immunity to harsh conditions, such as voliva's suffocation and the blizzards on venous. one theory is that due to krystal having fur, she may be immune to severe weather conditions.

judy's schizophrenia and history to the imperials

judy hopps, after injecting the X-zeno cure, developed level 2 schizophrenia mainly due to a dangerous side effect to the cure; an increased risk of mental disorders. during this after 2 months, she had seizures, nausea, and nosebleeds. and on rare cases, hallucinates UNSC personnel as X-zeno infected. this occurs every 2 to 8 hours, and this along with stress and mental disorientation, can cause her to become insane, completely.

why did the creators and directors choose this fate?

mainly because nobody else was insane before the zootopia update. she also sees a close relative during her hallucinations, she says "nick wilde" during this scene. she also mentions her service number and ID during this part.

"hopps, judy, corporal, service number 266-1118-JH."

she also mentions a disturbing noise in her head, and a vision of her fighting the flood along with UNSC marines and army serviceman. this is a reference to terminal 9 on halo combat evolved anniversary in the level keys, where jacob keys mentions his ID and service number, including a noise and a vision of fighting the flood.

however, the fact that if judy's infected and the cure was a dud, or has a history to the imperials is not understood. this rumor is considered unsolved.

undyne's eye patch

undyne's eye patch remains a complete mystery. no other UNSC personnel were able to determine the cause. few speculate undyne "hides" her true power behind her eye patch. others say her eye was shot out by another individual in self-defense.

as of season 1 episode 7. aka: crisis on tuchanka, undyne's "true power" finally unravels after stroke by ne'shal to'lath. during this, she said the following quote:

"my body. it feels like it's splitting apart. like, in an instant, i'll scatter to a million pieces. but deep. DEEP in my soul, there's a burning feeling i can't describe. a burning feeling that WON'T let me die! this isn't just about the darkness and the light anymore is it!? if you get past me, you'll destroy them all, won't you. humans. aliens. everything. everyone's hopes, EVERYONE's dreams! vanquished in an instant! but i WON'T let you do that! right now. everyone in the world. i can feel their hearts beating as one. and we all have ONE goal. to defeat YOU. demon. no, WHATEVER you are! for the sake of the whole universe. i, UNDYNE, will strike you DOWN!"

after she took off her eye patch, her eye was shinning with a spear-shaped aura. however, this is not the case. it is unknown if she lost her eye, or being shot out. this rumor remains unsolved.

the shadow walker's nickname

as of may 20th of 2017, fans dubbed ne'shal to'lath as 'cyber-demon'. this is a reference to the remastered doom game, which doom-guy encounters the cyber-demon.