"why is there so little light? he can't see anything." -slasher speaking english.

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Type Aggressive
Nicknames Unknown
Health 400
Damage 65
First Encounter Season 3 Episode 6: The Spines Of Horror
the slasher is a special enemy in the rise of the dark nemesis series.


slashers are mutant, skinny and almost skeletal versions of krystal and an upgrade to the spitter. however, the right arm is replaced by a multi-flexible spinal cord, with a blade attached to it. it's mouth and frontal lobe are vertically split open. the split areas are also multi-flexible. and most if not all, slashers have no feminine bodies. instead, they have normal male bodies. although the spinal cord's blade is sharp it can be easily broken, making them unfit for combat. slashers have moderate speed, intelligence and strength and are telepathic.

slashers are weak, possessing hollow bones, and extremely fragile body parts. however, they can change their body parts and bones at will, allowing them to recover quickly (see below).


due to the moderate speed, the slasher can react and recover very quickly thus resulting in attacks on UNSC personnel and fast healing. due to the moderate strength, it can easily break down blast doors, riot shields, gates, etc. they will also use physical assault if the victim appears to be particularly durable. due to the moderate intelligence, it can possess telekinesis, meaning it can pick up objects without touching.

slashers speak in an unknown language, upon decoding the language it appears the slashers speak in reverse alphabet language (the original language of the empire). however, on rare cases they can speak english.


  • a slasher jump scare is also an easter egg in rise of the dark nemesis 2, thus the game disconnects itself. on rare cases, the game will crash after the jump scare. this can happen on the title screen if the player is idle for too long. however, the easter egg was removed on V.1.0.2.
  • according to X-ray scans, at least 85% of its organs are inactive and unused, most of them are active. this is similar to SCP-2059 from the SCP foundation.
  • if flowing blood sounds are heard, this means a slasher has spawned.
  • it's first encounter is on season 3 episode 6. aka: the spines of horror.