"take cover!" -daniel samuels.

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Type Aggressive
Nicknames Unknown
Health 150
Damage 40
First Encounter Season 1 Episode 17: The Battle For Venous
the spitter is a special enemy in the rise of the dark nemesis series.


spitters are the same as the slasher. however, they have both arms but they still have the split mouth and frontal lobe. spitters are used as turrets for the dark energy empire.


as spitters are used as turrets, attacks on UNSC personnel can be very risky as they have shields that protect them. all UNSC forces can only kill spitters by flanking them. spitters fire dark energy acid-like projectiles from their mouths.

due to the shield and telepathic abilities, it can react very quickly and will physically assault UNSC forces that are particularly durable, such as forming a bulletstorm. on death they convert into blood pools and simply "disintegrate".


  • spitters are incredibly weak, possessing hollow bones like the slasher.
  • they were first encountered in season 1 episode 17. aka: the battle for venous.
  • the human head can fit a spitter's mouth, making them the most dangerous imperials of all time. a single bite to the human head is fatal.


Spitter X Ray

the spitter X-ray easter egg in RotDN 2 chapter 5.