"i HATE swarms!" -undyne.

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Type Synthetic Colony
Nicknames Unknown
Health 5
Damage 5
First Encounter Season 2 Episode 3: Tactical Mission
the swarmer is a special enemy in the rise of the dark nemesis series.


swarmers are infected yenme'e. however, they have robotic body parts. swarmers are used as drones for the dark energy empire.


swarmers will surround their targets, making it impossible to escape. due to their swarming behavior they can easily wipe out ODSTs and other special forces.

swarmers can rarely form into a super organism nicknamed "swarmer primes". they are stronger and more powerful than the others, making them a serious threat.

swarmers are known to be killed if their body is completely dismembered, as the yenme'e are insects, swarmers are also insectoid robots, making dismemberment an easy way of taking care of swarmer problems. shooting their wings or head is an instant kill.


  • swarmers are similar to the antlions and combine advisers from half-life 2.
  • swarmers are also synths, as they use the body structure of the yanme'e.
  • swarmers are weakened by electricity, fire and water. however, swarmer primes are immune to these qualities.
  • they were encountered in season 2 episode 3. aka: tactical mission.