Tessa (SSF)

this is a list of speeches for tessa in the rise of the dark nemesis series.


"look out!"



"here they come!"



"they have a general!"

"enemy general!"



"don't let it take us over!"



"there's an assassin!"



"do not attempt to kill the berserker!"

"forget the wretches! we got to run!"

battle end/escape

"that was close."

"glad that's over with."

"we should be careful."


"this could be useful."

"better take this."

"i should look for more."

battles won





"i got a bad feeling about this."

"i don't like this."

"this looks creepy."

latched by enemy

"get it off me!"

"get it off!"



"we got some helpers."

"we got help."

"now let's pay them a visit."

paragon action

"i'm not leaving you behind!"

"grab my hand!"

*i'll give you a lift!"


ending 1 (good ending)

"it was a victory, a challenge, a war. the planet, the city, all burned and turned to glass. but not our courage. freedom and peace is restored, but they will come back. this was the greatest start of my time, i had several gunshots, but i'm still alive. the dark energy empire has passed away and now we can be at peace once again. this is my conclusion. this is my end. farewell everyone."

ending 2 (sacrifice ending)

"to whoever is reading this, i am sorry for my loss. even if i have the medal of honor, my life, my body, my armor all burned and turned to glass. my courage still stands to my people. i hope they have a new chieftess, to replace me. the galaxy is safe for now, but as it is, right now. the entire universe has been free, it is finally at rest, and earth no longer has the dark energy empire that made the war that it is. the reanimated corpse outbreak has been put to rest and now humans can live in peace. this is my conclusion. this is my end. farewell everyone."

ending 3 (bad ending)

"i'm sorry for the outbreak to grow stronger, it was my fault. more phantoms, wretches and more enemies have not been put to rest, it got worse. and now they will turn me into one of them, if you hope to survive the outbreak, then bad news. it will get worse overtime. i am sorry for my loss, my body will be put down to rest if the outbreak ends. for now, goodbye."

ending 4 (phantom ending)

"to whoever is reading this, i betrayed the UNSC. i am with the dark energy empire now. i will hunt you down if you're not lucky to survive the outbreak. let the darkness haunt you. you will die."