ME3 Eve

this is a list of speeches for urdnot bakara in the rise of the dark nemesis series.


"try this!"

"say goodbye to your corpse!"

"next time bring a bigger gun!"


"they have a leader!"

"kill the general first!"

"keep your sight on the general!"


"do not let it control you!"

"don't look in the eyes!"


"stealth enemies!? you got to be kidding!"

"assassins?! now you're starting to make me upset!"


"forget the battle! we have to retreat!"

"fall back! fall back!"

battle end/escape

"we're clear."

"that was just the first round."

"no enemies? good."


"perfect, an item useful."

"this should help."

"i'll never take a promise to drop it, would i?"

battles won

"ha! how'd you like that!?"

"i think a nice victory would make a great celebration!"

"i hope that ravager was full of those wretch morons."


"i do not like this place."

"to be honest, we should go."

latches by enemy

"ack! get it off me!"

"what the heck!?"

"not today please!"


"refugees? now you're talking!"

"these refugees can be useful."

"let's pay them a visit with refugees!"

paragon action

"hold on!"

"grab my hand!"

"i'm not leaving you behind!"


ending 1 (good ending)

"this was, amazing. the war has ended and earth is at peace. wonder why humans get along with me. just because i can't do something doesn't mean i'm useless, i'm very helpful. thanks to me i ended it. the outbreak is over. i am glad to be with humans for the first time. i was lucky for the light guardian to find me and recruit me. first i was naval personnel, then i became a commander in-chief. tessa was quite the slick one. smarter, faster, and of course quieter. this is my conclusion. this is my end. farewell everyone."

ending 3 (bad ending)

"how is this possible? this should not happen! it just got worse, tessa betrayed us! she is a phantom, a monster, what is wrong here, what am i doing wrong? this is impossible for this to happen, how is this possible? how!?"