Valorian Ranger
Type Defense
Nicknames Korean Snake, Fire Viper, ADVENT Loyalist
Health 225
Damage Variable
First Encounter Ty'Shok's Raid
"Another Republic scumbag? You're as good as DEAD!" -Valorian Ranger.

The Valorian Ranger is a hostile alien encountered in RotDN: The Valorian Conflict. It is the second Valorian unit to be encountered. It was introduced in the Power of Mercy update.


Valorian Rangers are identified as red scale colored Vipers with white eyes and underside. They are also clad in light armor. Apart from Valorian Troopers, Rangers have a fire pattern on their scales, often being nicknamed as 'Fire Vipers' by Republic personnel.

Instead of outdated Elerium weaponry, Valorian Rangers will use ADVENT magnetized weapons. On rare cases they will use melee weapons as well. Like all other Valorians, the Rangers speak primarily Korean.


Valorian Rangers are extremely deadly in close range. They also specialize in hit-and-run tactics. The Ranger can even throw flash bangs and Anti-Wave charges. On rare occasions, a Ranger will possess energy shields. The Ranger is specifically used for defense of Valorian Regime complexes or fortresses.

Multiplayer Republic Tactics

  • Rangers are agile and can even graze most shots. The best way for dealing with Rangers is by tossing out flash bangs or use explosive weapons to take them out quickly.
  • Engaging a Ranger in a hand-to-hand battle is extremely futile, as Rangers are skilled with counter-attacks. Only use ranged weapons.
  • Rangers can easily compromise a squad of Republic forces in a siege. Take out the Rangers first as they will coordinate Valorian Troopers.
  • The Ranger is also capable of ranged combat. They primarily use shotguns or burst rifles. Use other weapons to counter their ranged attacks.
  • Rangers can also be equipped with active camouflage, making them more difficult to take out. Always be vigilant and watch for movement. They are likely to engage in close quarters.

Multiplayer Regime Tactics

  • As a Ranger, the player's objective is to take out high priority threats. Republic units such as Enforcers or Vanguards are the most dangerous Republic units. Bounty hunters also count.
  • The player can also swap flash bangs for a smoke bomb. Use this when hiding or retreating.
  • Rangers are specifically meant to be a heavy melee unit. The Ranger's sword can deal massive damage and can instantly kill weaker targets. Use this to take out stronger units if possible.
  • The Anti-Wave charge is useful when dealing with Psionic Vipers, namely Arkadien or Chimera. The Anti-Wave charge will suppress all Psionic abilities for a short time.
  • Do not engage another player who is controlling a Sectopod. Use ranged weapons if possible.



  • Allied to ADVENT forces.
  • Immune to fire and poison.
  • Lightning reflexes.
  • Damage increased for ADVENT weapons and melee.
  • Grazes shots easily.
  • Resistant to interrogation.


  • Vulnerable to electricity.
  • Accuracy decreased greatly when stunned.
  • Easy to spot.
  • Weakened by Psionic attacks.
  • Armor slightly decreases running speed.
  • Telepaths can easily obtain information during interrogation.


Valorian headhunter

  • Kill over ten Valorian Rangers using the Repeater.

Quick death

  • As a Valorian Ranger, kill an Enforcer by assassination.


  • Originally before the civil war, the Rangers served as Republic national guards. When the civil war started, the Rangers turned against the Republic to fight for the Regime.