Valorian Trooper
Type Offense
Nicknames Rebel Dog, Anti-Republic Scum
Health 150
Damage Variable
First Encounter Ty'Shok's Raid
"Alert! Republic forces are in the outpost!" -Valorian Trooper.

The Valorian Trooper is a hostile alien encountered in RotDN: The Valorian Conflict. It was introduced in the Power of Mercy update. It is the first Valorian unit to be encountered.


The Valorian Troopers are identified as brown scale colored Vipers with red eyes and slit black pupils. Additional colors such as white, green and red are seen on their skin. They are clad in suits that almost resemble reptilian skin. However, this does not guarantee protection. Due to the color of their scales, most Republic personnel refer them as 'Rebel Dogs'.

Valorian Troopers primarily speak Korean as their main language. Others tend to speak Russian, Turkish or Chinese. This is possibly due to the fact that members of the Regime are brainwashed. Even though they can understand other languages, they only speak the mentioned languages.

Codex Entry

Valorian Troopers are conscripts of the Valorian Regime. They act as standard ground forces to eliminate and suppress Republic forces. Apart from the other Vipers, Valorian Troopers will not use their venom to attack their targets as Valorians tend to use brute force and oppressive action.

Little is known about these rebel conscripts. Their only purpose is to terrorize Republic territory and become rulers of the planet. Valorian Troopers carry outdated but still effective weaponry. Not only that, they will not cease until their entire army is wiped out.


Valorian Troopers are mainly considered cannon fodder as they are conscripts brainwashed by the false king. Most importantly, these units are filled with rage and will stop at nothing until they kill all Republic forces. Valorian Troopers can take out Republic units single handedly. Although they cannot spit venom like all other Vipers do, they can coil up their target and pin them down. However, this bind is extremely weak, making it easy for the victim to escape.

Most Valorian Troopers are armed with Elerium Rifles, Elerium Pistols, Shredders or Elerium Burst Rifles. On rare cases they will use Bolt Casters or Elerium Launchers.

Multiplayer Republic Tactics

  • Valorian Troopers will rush to their targets upon first sighting. Keep their distance and suppress them immediately as they will attempt to pin down anyone near them.
  • Valorian Troopers also possess the pouncing capability of the Pouncer. However, they will not crawl on the floor when attempting to do so. It is also noted they will not bite the victim upon pouncing, and will attempt to stab the player with a knife.
    • The best way to avoid this is by rolling to cover from the left or right.
  • Like Wretches, the Valorian Troopers are coordinated and will use cover to protect themselves. However, they lack tactical knowledge. Use a grenade to clear them out.
  • A Valorian Trooper with a Bolt Caster or Elerium Launcher is a serious threat to Republic forces. The best way of dealing with them is by targeting them first.
  • A flash bang can come in handy when dealing with Valorian Troopers. This will both blind them and cause them to move out of cover. This can be used for taking out a squad quickly.

Multiplayer Regime Tactics

  • Always use cover to any advantage. This is to avoid a crossfire.
  • Keep in mind that targeting stronger Republic forces can lead to death. Target weaker Republic units first. It is pointless to engage a stronger Viper head first.
  • Be careful when using cover too much, as this will lead to Republic forces using a flash bang. If they are about to throw a flash bang, vacate the area immediately.
  • If the Valorian Trooper has a Bolt Caster or Elerium Launcher, the player can use this to their advantage. This can mow down Republic forces quite easily.
  • As the Valorians are allied to ADVENT forces, units from both factions can lead to overwhelming force. This can be used to take out Republic forces when in dire need.



  • Immune to poison.
  • Uses pinpoint accuracy.
  • Lightning reflexes.
  • Can bring overwhelming force.
  • Resistant to melee attacks.


  • Vulnerable to fire and electricity.
  • Unarmored.
  • Easily stunned.
  • Instantly killed by a shotgun or headshot.
  • Accuracy decreased when blinded by a flash bang.


I smell Valorian BBQ

  • Scorch ten Valorian Troopers using Static Burst, Throw, Warp, Toss, Slam, Singularity, or Electrify.

Traitors of the people

  • Survive the raid of Ty'Shok after the first encounter with the Valorians.

Dog in the pound

  • Capture and interrogate fifteen Valorian Troopers.


  • According to the Valorian Conflict lore, the Valorian Vipers were identified as Vipers with red scales and white eyes and underside. However, the Troopers do not match the description.