venous is a planet in the rise of the dark nemesis series.


venous is a white planet with a snowy environment. venous has blizzards frequently and get worse overtime. due to the harsh winter conditions on venous, UNSC personnel are required to wear winter gear at all times when exploring venous. the planet is below -40 degrees celsius, meaning the explorer can die from frostbite.

the light guardian and krystal are immune to the harsh winter conditions on venous for unknown means. possibly due to the light guardian wearing armor, and krystal having fur all over her body.


  • venous was discovered in season 1 episode 17. aka: the battle for venous.
  • dark energy imperials patrol venous quite often, and are seen walking around the harsh winter conditions on venous. however, UNSC personnel took venous at the end of the episode.
  • venous is related to novaria from mass effect, and hoth from star wars.