voliva is a planet in the rise of the dark nemesis series.


voliva is a reddish, yellow planet the size of a space station. voliva's moon is 2 kilometers tall and 2 kilometers wide. the planet itself contains no water or other liquids, but rather replaced with blood for water and acid for lava. other liquids are replaced with harmful liquids rather than the non-harmful liquids.


voliva has been under quarantine since the 2560s, and the colonial administration authority will not grant access to voliva, including UNSC personnel are not allowed to enter voliva without hazmat gear, supplies of food and water, air tanks and heavy armor. due to the lack of resources on voliva, the planet is not allowed for colonization for cities, human population centers, towns and space elevators. in 2578, season 1 episode 9, aka: the blood swamp, the colonial administration authority has granted daniel samuels, john austin and jason fenix to explore voliva's blood swamp, an area which is inhabited by the swallower. during this, krystal was found.


  • voliva has toxic air, which is the reason voliva was in quarantine in the first place.
    • krystal is immune to voliva's toxic air for unknown means. it is currently not understood at this time.
  • the isolation began in 2567 during the human covenant war.
  • the blood swamp is the swallower's natural habitat, which explains why the swallower uses humans as prey.