Imperial Soldier
A Wretch Soldier holding an HS-51 Bolt Rifle
Type Multipurpose
Nicknames Combine, Civil Protection, CP's, Overwatch, Buckethead, Cranker
Health Variable
Damage Variable
First Encounter Siege of Meridian
The Wretch (or Necris Soldier prior to the Quantum update) is one of the common enemies encountered in RotDN: Energy Strike. They are the second infected to be encountered.


Humans who become infected as an Amalgamate have a chance to form into Wretches. They are more coordinated rather than the Amalgamate's feral behavior. Physically, Wretches are formally humans, with their heads replaced with a gasmask to hide their facial disfigurement. They also display are large amount of intelligence, being able to use weapons, vehicles, and computing systems.

Unlike it's Amalgamate cousin, the Wretch is the only known infected capable of speech (The other being the Proxy and Tangent), as the gasmask allows communication with all Imperial forces, and say words such as "Request reserve activation" or "Request medical". Wretches can range to nine variations. They also display signs of augmentation on their limbs.


The Soldier

Soldiers are the Empire's standard ground forces. They have 200 health and deal 30 damage. Their uniform consists of a grey and blue camouflage armored suit. Their gasmask appears to have a blue glow on their eyes. They are referred to UNSC forces as "Combine" for unknown reasons.

The Scout

Imperial Scout

Scout holding an HS-14 Nova.

Scouts are weaker variations of the Soldier. Their uniform appears to be white and blue. Their eyes appear the same as the Soldier's, only for the fact that it is darker and much harder to spot. They have 125 health and deal 19 damage.

The Pyro

Imperial Pyro

Pyro holding an HS-47 Ion Cannon

The Pyro is a heavily armored Wretch wearing a beige uniform with traces of navy blue on the shoulders and leggings, and a black one-eyed gasmask with a single blue eye. They have 175 health and deal 10x9 damage. As their name suggests, the Pyro deals fire damage.

The Demoman

Imperial Demoman

Demoman holding an HS-73 Prism Rifle.

Demomen are more considerate for their class. They wear a white uniform with a red optic gasmask. They are threatening when in the dark. Demomen carry extra grenades - hence their name. They have 175 health and deal 31 damage.

The Heavy

Imperial Heavy

Heavy carrying an HS-200 Electron Accelerator.

Heavies are the most threatening and powerful of the other Wretches. They are similar in design to the Pyro, wearing black and yellow heavily armored uniforms, with an augmented helmet and a bright red eye. Heavies are resistant to low-power weapons (Such as a Pistol or a Sword.) However, they are vulnerable to explosive weapons and Psi abilities. They have 300 health and deal 40 damage.

The Engineer

Imperial Engineer

Engineer holding an HS-36 Disintegrator.

Engineers operate in Imperial controlled territory, often used as a defense unit. They wear a uniform similar to the Scout and Pyro. Engineers will often deploy turrets, drones or scanners in the battlefield. They are also capable of repairing vehicles and their buildings, and are resistant to Hack. They have 125 health and deal 30 damage.

The Sniper

Imperial Sniper

Sniper holding an HS-150 Rail Cannon.

Snipers tend to operate within abandoned buildings or in Imperial watchtowers. Their uniform colors are similar to that of a Pyro's. The notable difference is the armor design. They have a normal gas mask, and do not appear to have as much armor as their predecessor. They have 125 health and deal 80 damage.

The Medic

Imperial Medic

Medic holding an HS-22 Shadow Thrower.

Medics are different variations of Wretches, more likely because of their uniform. The gasmask appears to be more advanced than their predecessors. They wear a non-armored uniform, consisting of gloves, boots, a radio, a med-kit, a coat and a pair of long pants, similar to that of law enforcement. Most UNSC personnel refer them as "Civil Protection" or "CP's" for unknown reasons. They have 150 health, and deal 23 damage. They are immune to Static Burst.

The Spy

Imperial Spy

Spy holding an HS-94 Pulse Imploder.

Spies are high-priority targets, mainly used as a reconnaissance unit. They appear similar and often mistaken for Medics. Their uniform consists of a black coat, long pants, gloves and boots. Spies can easily exploit security defenses, and sneak past unsuspecting targets. They are the most difficult to avoid, being able to kill targets in a matter of minutes. They have 125 health and deal 30 damage. They are considered rare as they don't appear as much.


Wretches rely on their ranged weapon capabilities for hard-to-reach targets, and often used as a multipurpose unit. Their most iconic weapon being the Bolt Rifle, given by Wretches during their beginner stages. Their armor appears to act like Kevlar, at which low-power firearms are ineffective (Namely Pistols.)

On rare cases, Wretches will use melee attacks if a target gets too close. Noted by their perfect accuracy, it seems Wretches can pinpoint their target when moving, making it an active threat. However, Wretches - like most infected - are vulnerable to electricity. Abilities such as Static Burst will temporarily blind Wretches for a short time.

Multiplayer Survivor Tactics

  • Players must observe the Wretch before engaging it, otherwise they risk a suicide mission.
  • Check all players to ensure they are not a Spy. If a Spy is found, it is best to kill the Spy on sight.
  • Using Static Burst will temporarily blind Wretches. This does not work on the Medic or Spy, so it is best to save it for the other variations.
  • There is a rare chance that a Wretch could spawn as a Tangent. When a Tangent is present, standing orders are to target the Tangent first.
  • Using Meán Fómhair's HUD can easily identify and track down Wretches. This can be used to a player's advantage.
  • Using Throw can easily drain a Wretch's health. This can give survivors the advantage of taking down a squad of Soldiers. Singularity, Toss and Slam have the same result.

Multiplayer Infected Tactics

  • Wretches have a hundred percent chance of being playable and are considered common. When in the spawning phase, it is best to spawn somewhere out of sight.
  • When the player is a Heavy, their objective is to take down larger threats. Taking on weaker targets is more likely a distraction.
  • Players need to take precautions when another player is playing as Meán Fómhair. If a player is playing as Meán Fómhair, it is best to target her first.



  • Able to withstand UNSC weaponry for a short time.
  • Multipurpose unit.
  • Increased damage when a Tangent is present.
  • A ten percent chance to become a squad leader.
  • Regenerating health and shields.
  • Capable of using vehicles.


  • Vulnerable to fire and electricity.
  • Damage dealt to player Wretch is increased when spotted or shot from behind.
  • Can be instantly killed by a Shotgun or a headshot.
  • Incapable of cloaking.
  • Pyro and Heavy helmets reduce vision.
  • Can be easily dispatched with high-power weapons.


First contact

  • Survive the first encounter with the infected.

Death to the cause

  • Kill a Heavy on Legendary without taking damage.

Sneak around that!

  • Kill a Spy before it exploits any defenses.

Wizard hunt!

  • During a Halloween event, kill all hidden Wretches wearing the Wizard's hat.

Return to sender

  • Throw the Demoman's grenade back at it's team.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall!

  • Kill five Heavies using one grenade.

That's new... Or is it?

  • Survive the first encounter with the Evolved.

You're out!

  • Kill ten Medics using only headshots.

Have a nice ride!

  • During a Christmas event, start an avalanche and kill fifty common infected at the same time.


  • Kill a Soldier on the Heroic difficulty or higher.

Cannon fodder

  • Kill a Scout on the Heroic difficulty or higher.

Let it burn

  • Kill a Pyro on the Heroic difficulty or higher.

No need to brag

  • Kill an Engineer on the Heroic difficulty or higher.

Eye to eye

  • Kill a Sniper on the Heroic difficulty or higher.


  • As a Viper, use Poison Spit five times on a Wretch.


  • In the beta for RotDN 2, there is an Easter Egg where the player encounters a Wretch skeleton display.
    • It is believed that there was either an autopsy or an X-Ray scan.
  • Wretches do not seem to follow the laws of robotics. Instead, they exhibit aggressive behavior to uninfected individuals.
  • Heavies, Spies, Demomen, Pyro's and Snipers are considered the most dangerous. Soldiers, Medics, Scouts and Engineers are considered the least dangerous.


Wretch Skeleton

The Wretch's skeleton Easter Egg in RotDN 2 (Beta preview).