X-Zeno is a cybernetic pathogen, turning organisms into feral machines. It is what started the RotDN series, acting as a form of flu, or in this case a rabies-like pathogen that spreads through radiation.



The host has a headache in the first stage of the pathogen.

Flu-like Symptoms

The host has flu-like symptoms, including coughing.

Muscle Pain

The host has muscle pain in the first stage of the pathogen.


The host has stiffness and imbalance in the first stage of the pathogen.

Increased Skin Sensitivity

The host has an increase of skin sensitivity in the second stage.


The host will begin vomiting in the second stage.


This is the final stage. After 10 minutes, the host dies from blood loss. After another 10 minutes, the corpse will reanimate and will attack uninfected on sight.


  • Infection is caused by exposure to radiation, dark energy, or contact with infected fluid.
  • The first infected were found on the planet Meridian.