Zombie Standard
Standard Zombie
Type Parasitic Host
Nicknames Unknown
Health 100
Damage 10
First Encounter Season 2 Episode 25: Breached

"what the heck!?" -undyne.

the zombie is a common enemy in the rise of the dark nemesis series.


main article: headcrab.

the headcrab "zombie" is the host that progressed the stages of mutation from the headcrab, the host's nervous system is completely controlled. till then, the headcrab zombie will kill anything and everything (excluding other headcrabs and other zombies).


there are three kinds of headcrab zombies. the standard headcrab hosts have increased strength and are very slow. this zombie is the slowest one. the "fast" headcrab zombies are the fastest and can leap at its target. the poison zombie is the deadliest because it will throw poison headcrabs from it's back.

on rare occasions, imperials will become headcrab hosts. thus forming the headcrab "zombie imperial". they are much slower than the standard ones, but they can sprint at its target without warning. as imperials carry grenades, the zombie imperial will grab a grenade and perform a kamikaze-style attack. after a few seconds the grenade explodes and the zombie imperial committed suicide. only standard headcrabs can latch onto imperials.


  • the zombie is from the half-life series.
  • they were encountered on season 2 episode 25, aka: breached.
  • as the headcrab hosts have increased strength, the imperial body armor can make the zombie soldier much stronger.